After every episode, people in USA could watch a special scene, part of the “Cornell Confidential” video collection. Those videos could only be watched by people who lived in USA, that’s why we weren’t able to watch or upload those videos and their screencaptures, but… A tumblr account has uploaded the last Cornell Confidential, because it’s a special one, the very last scene from season one. You can watch the video in here. Indiana looks so cute on it! Enjoy!

We added to the gallery new photos of Indi on the set, filming “Secrets and Lies”.

Did you guys watch the finale season last night??? It was I-N-S-A-N-E! I can’t believe it’s over and I need season 2 now! Anyway, I’ve uploaded to the gallery 280 HQ screencaptures of Indiana in the Secrets and Lies’s finale episode!

Don’t miss the season finale of #SecretsAndLies tomorrow night on ABC. Also, we added to the gallery 2 new promotional posters from the finale with Indiana Evans as Natalie Crawford. Did she killed Tom? Find out everything tomorrow!

I’ve uploaded to the gallery 61 HQ screencaptures of Indiana Evans as Natalie in the Secrets and Lies’s episode 9! Make sure you check them out!

I’ve uploaded to the gallery 5 new stills of Secrets and Lies! Check them out!

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