First official still of #SecretsAndLies

I’ve uploaded the first picture still of Secrets and Lies. Sadly we can’t see Indiana’s face. Don’t forger: Secrets and Lies premieres on Sunday, March 1st.

Posted by Bea on November 25 2014
ABC announces premiere date for ‘Secrets And Lies’

It’s official! The 10 episode drama series “Secrets and Lies” premieres on Sunday, March 1 (special time 9:00-11:00 PM; regular time slot 9:00-10:00 PM)! Can’t wait!

Posted by Bea on November 22 2014
Indiana at the #SecretsAndLies Wrap Party

Indiana Evans attended the “Secrets And Lies” Wrap Party a few days ago! We just added to the gallery a photo in which you can see her! Btw, “Secrets And Lies” premiere in March 2015!

Posted by Bea on November 3 2014
Update: Some “old” but unseen photos

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since we updated the website a few months ago. We don’t have any news about Indiana, as far as we know she’s filming “Secrets and Lies” in Wilmington, North Carolina. So today we bring you some “old” but unseen photos of Indi with some friends, her co-stars on “Secrets and lies” and the first photo of Indi on the set. Thanks to this instagram account for the pictures!

Personal photos
Secrets and lies: On the set

Posted by Bea on October 20 2014
HQ Scans: Cosmopolitan Magazine

We just added to the gallery 4 HQ scans from Cosmopolitan Magazine! (credit).

Posted by Bea on August 22 2014
Cosmopolitan: Interview + New photoshoot

Before Indiana Evans heads to the US for a major new role, she chatted to Cosmopolitan magazine! You can read the interview below and also enjoy some new photos of Indi, and trust me, she looks gorgeous!

You’re still only 23, but it feels like you’ve been on our screens for a long time…
Yeah I started out as a kid, so it has been a long time. I was nine when I joined my agency, and I just kind of 
did it because my friend was doing it. [Laughs.] But I fell in love with acting on the job. I remember during Home and Away when I was around 14 or 15, 
I had a moment when I was like, “Am I just doing this because I’m doing this or do I actually love it?” Since then I’ve chosen to actually do it. But I think 
it’s good to keep questioning it, as it’s 
a bit of a crazy job.

Do you look back fondly on your Home and Away years?
Yeah I do. I mean, I was in it for 
about five years by the end, so it was everything – it was good, it was bad, 
it was terrible. I was a teenager, so there was a bit of angst. But it was great. I probably had the most scenes with Sharni Vinson, so I was really close with her, and also Isabel Lucas. Jodi Gordon and Jessica Tovey were 
there at the same time too. The girls would always go away for trips on 
the weekends. We were really close 
and I learnt a lot from them. I mean, Sharni even showed me how to put 
a tampon in! [Laughs.] It was really 
nice to hang out with mature women. …keep reading.

Posted by Bea on August 9 2014
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