Latest Work: Music Video by Lily Rolfe

You can watch now Indi’s latest work, a stunning music video by Lily Rolfe. Also, we added some captures of the video (thanks to our friend from phoebeonline)!

Posted by Bea on July 29 2014
OK Magazine: New photo + Full Interview

Hey guys! Today we bring you the latest picture of Indiana Evans for OK Magazine along with the full interview in which she talks about her life in Hollywood and her new project “Secrets and lies”. Hope you enjoy it!

What was it like working on the pilot for Secrets & Lies?

It was great, very exciting. I spent two-and-a-half weeks over in North Carolina filming it.

How did you land the role?

I put down a tape down here in Sydney and then I had a Skype meeting with the director and producer. Then I put down another tape, and I got the part. I had three days to get my visa in order.

We’ve just finished watching the Australian version of Secrets & Lies, have you seen it?

I was overseas when it was on here, but I did watch it when I got back, mostly because I really wanted to know what happened [laughs].

Is it the exact same storyline?

I think so, I think they’re staying pretty similar… …keep reading.

Posted by Bea on May 26 2014
Secrets and Lies: Official Trailer + Pics

Finally we can enjoy the official trailer of Secrets and Lies! There could be a spoilers in it so if there is someone out there who doesn’t want to see anything related with the series until its premiere this fall in ABC, we recommend not to see the video. You can also see in the gallery the official logo and the first screencapture of Indiana!! We’re so excited about this project!!!

Posted by Bea on May 14 2014
First look at Indi’s new cosmopolitan photoshoot + Photos with fans

Great news guys!! Indiana will also appear in the new Cosmopolitan issue, Australian edition! The photoshoot hasn’t been published yet but check our gallery to see two BTW photos! Also, we just added to the gallery two new pictures of Indi with fans. Lucky girls!!

Cosmopolitan Magazine (Behind the scenes)
Indiana with fans

Posted by Bea on April 24 2014
[Photos] First look at Indi’s new photoshoot

Indiana Evans will appear in this week’s OK! Magazine issue, Australian edition! The photoshoot hasn’t been published yet but check our gallery to see the first two pictures of it, thanks to her stylist’s Intagram. She looks stunning!!!

Posted by Bea on April 19 2014
[Janet King] Episode 1×08 Screencaptures

We added to the gallery over 200 HQ screencaptures of Indiana Evans in the Janet King’s 8th episode: the last one of the season! Enjoy them!

Posted by Bea on April 19 2014
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